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Meet the team that powers brands such as MedTrust, SayNet, TRC CPA, BonAir, MaterCare, and other affiliated brands.


  • Member of the American Institute of CPA’s (AICPA)

  • Member of the Puerto Rico Society of Certified Public Accountants

  • 5-Year Former Chairman of the Technology Committee of the PR Society of CPA

  • Former Member of the Faculty of the American Institute of CPA’s on Information Technology Courses: WebTrust/Digital Signatures

  • BBA – Major in Accounting (Focus on Taxation courses) Magna Cum Laude, University of Puerto Rico (Río Piedras Campus)


1997-Present | Chief Operating Officer, SayNet, Inc.

  • Disaster Recovery Team for PR Aqueducts & Sewers Authority (Dec 2017 – Present). In charge of developing and implementing processes for the accounting and recording of FEMA-compliant disaster-related expenses. Screening, selection, and evaluation of staff with the appropriate skills and competencies to perform the assigned work program and agreed-upon procedures.

  • Prepare presentations and reporting at an executive level for heads of agencies and/or senior management. 2017-Present Advisor to the Puerto Rico Secretary of Health in charge of implementing Zero Based Budget in all Public Health Programs, mainly Women and Prenatal Care, Drug Abuse Prevention, Vector Prevention Programs, Mental Health (Forensic and Non-Forensic).

  • Former US & PR Treasury Department Advisor Team Member (Nov 2015 – Feb 2017). Secure Electronic Commerce Auditors & Commercial/Clinical Management Consultants. Project Lead for the Puerto Rico Department of Health for Integrated Electronic Health Records (Puerto Rico Health Information Network) on non-repudiation digital signatures, encryption solutions, and user authentication digital certificates sponsored by the Office of the Governor of Puerto Rico as grantee from the United States Department of Health for Health Information Exchange (HIE). Responsible for secure electronic commerce initiatives covering products and services distributed directly to consumers over the Internet.

  • Provider of business solutions using digital certificates/signatures and strong encryption for corporate privacy, identity and access management systems. Responsible for profitability analysis, governmental affairs, taxation, information systems, and financial analysis, including governmental financial planning for evaluating municipal, state and federal tax incentives for improving profit margins.

  • Obtained, the certificate of GFP (Governmental Financial Planner) issued by the Puerto Rico Society of CPA’s and the Puerto Rico Economic Development Bank (Banco Desarrollo Económico de PR). Also, Partner for Traverso, Rodriguez & Co. – CPA Audit & Tax Practice. Admitted as Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) by the American Institute of CPA’s AICPA. Perform risk assessments and related services to organizations adopting health information technology.

  • Also, leads technology incubator for start-ups in the Healthcare Industry, where he provides commercial management consulting. Former Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for VITA Healthcare Inc.(a/k/a Caribbean Health Link) from May 2008 through June 2012. Former Treasurer & CFO for Balance Wellness Clinic from January 2012 through June 2012. Officer and Director for MedTrust, LLC – Providing consulting services related to Electronic Health Record & US and Puerto Rico incentives to physicians.

1996 | General Manager Wireless Division, PRTC/Celulares Telefónica

  • Formerly the Wireless Division of the Puerto Rico Telephone Co. (PRTC) Responsible for the general business management of the wireless division Celulares Telefónica, covering cellular, paging, and radio trunking telecommunication services. Area of responsibility covered: Sales and Marketing, Commercial Direction on Pricing and Brand Profitability, Operations, Engineering, Governmental Permits, Capital Budget, and Cell Sites Maintenance services, Credit & Customer Service Administration, and financial/profit responsibility. Area of financial responsibility: $160 million.


Accomplishments: Responsible for the deployment of digital technology products (encryption and fingerprint authentication services) for reducing cellular and subscriber fraud. Responsible for the reduction of cellular/pagers traffic congestion. Established programs to increase dollar sales, improve customer service satisfaction, and competitive position of Celulares Telefónica. Established a management by objectives (MBO) program, including key performance metrics; mainly, for the Operations and Engineering departments. Increased dollar value sales versus budget and prior year. Focused on data base management and systems integration to enhance competitive advantage.

1990-1995 | Controller and Treasurer (Corporate Officer), Unilever de Puerto Rico, Inc.

  • 1990 to 1995 Responsible for the strategic direction of Finance and Information Technology Departments, covering the administration of a Domestic (PR) Corporation and a tax-exempt affiliated company with sales near $100 million. Engaged in commercial management, manufacturing, sales, and distribution of major branded consumer products for PR and the Caribbean.


Areas of responsibility: Training and empowerment of middle management associates, customer service & order processing, credit and collections administration, general and cost accounting, taxation, budgeting and planning, brand/product profitability analysis, capital budgeting, and building expansion projects, business/management presentations, treasury matters, supervision of Information Systems Security Officer, legal, insurance, and governmental affairs. Also, provided direction to the Information Systems Department. Among the key accomplishments was the timely migration to an open system (SAP/Client-Server).

  • Maintenance of effective internal controls environments, and commercial (product pricing) profitability analysis for monitoring brand margins and marketing support expenditures (advertising, promotions, and marketing research) for the following Divisions: Chesebrough-Pond’s, Lever Brothers, Van Den Bergh Foods, including Ragu Foods, and T.J. Lipton. Also, responsible for all company personnel matters from 6/90 to 2/92.

  • Position reported directly to the Puerto Rico/Caribbean VP & General Manager and dotted reporting to the Corporate VP Executive located in the continental USA. Responsible for in-house and sales distributors’ performance management covering internal controls for monitoring proof of performance of promotional funds and sales quota achievements. Responsible for internal auditing on transfer pricing, home office allocation supporting documentation, and tax exemption negotiation with the Puerto Rico Department of Commerce (Fomento).

Accomplishments: Implementation of cost reduction programs through information technology (SAP), building expansion projects, restructuring plans. Achievement of company profit objectives. Fostered effective delegation of responsibilities to associates to enhance motivation and development of team members. Actively participated with Corporate Legal and Tax departments for designing tax shelters to substantially improve the profitability of the business (mainly, tax exemption negotiations, dividend repatriation and transfer pricing structures), ensuring full compliance with local legislation. Evaluation of mergers and acquisitions to reduce costs. improve profitability while designing new competitors entrance barriers to increase market share.

1985-1990 | Assistant Controller position at Unilever de Puerto Rico (Formerly Pond’s de PR)

1981-1995 | Senior Audit and Tax Consultant, Ernst & Young

  • Responsible for PR and US Individual and Corporate Tax consulting services.

  • Audit Senior for organizations in the health care and fragrance business.


  • Playing and teaching young and elderly students musical instruments – Bayamon Philharmonic Orchestra (Piano, Saxophone, and Flute).



  • The Job of the Chief Financial Officer in this New Century


  • Alumni of the Harvard Negotiation Master Class Program (18 countries: 48 participants) (Consortium Project Managed by Harvard, MIT and Tufts Universities, Cambridge, USA)

  • Master Class Faculty from: Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Public Health, Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Urban & Environmental Planning


  • HIMSS 2012, NAVCA Healthcare Valuation and Consulting

  • Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA)


  • Harvard Negotiation & Leadership International Program Certification

  • Certification from The Harvard Negotiation & Leadership International Program (Consortium Project Managed by Harvard, MIT and Tufts Universities, Boston USA)


  • Member of Asociación de Salud Pública de Puerto Rico

  • President of the Technology Committee of the PR Society of CPA’s

  • Member of the Faculty Professors for the PR Society of CPA’s in HIT (Health Information Technology)


  • Governmental Financial Planner – New certification provided by the Puerto Rico Society of CPAs and the Economic Development Bank of PR to help entities achieve profit objectives using Governmental tax credits, and non-tax related incentives provided by the Federal, State and Municipal agencies.


  • Finalist Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award


  • Fairfield University, CT-Interpersonal Senior Management Skills Course


  • Unilever International General Management Master Course, Four Acres/London, UK Conducted by professors from the Business Administration Program of MIT and Harvard University Faculties)


  • Unilever North American Financial Course (The Job of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO)/Commercial Manager – (New York)


  • Thawte Certified Instructor in PKI and Digital Signatures in Latin America

  • Member of the Faculty of the American Institute of CPA- Secure E-Commerce

  • Licensed CPA WebTrust (Secure E-Commerce) Program Instructor (Florida/PR)

  • Member of the Continued Education Program & Instructor for the PR Society of Certified Public Accountants (PRSCPA) on Health Information Technology and Clinical Management, Telecommunications and Secure Electronic Commerce Courses.

  • VeriSign Certified Engineer in Digital Signatures using Public Key Infrastructure


  • Received the 1998 Annual Distinguished CPA Award for Services to the Profession.

  • The New US Telecommunications Act & Wireless Digital Communications; Arizona, US


  • Unilever International Management Program (New York)


  • Unilever Domestic Seminar on Effective Interpersonal Skills


  • Collaborator and member of the Independent Shared Air Strategic Research Board of the United States

    • Works to inform and educate communities around the United States and Puerto Rico

  • Member of the American Institute of CPA’s (AICPA)

  • Member of the Puerto Rico Society of Certified Public Accountants

  • Former 5-year Chairman of the Technology Committee of the Puerto Rico Society of CPA

  • Former Member of the Faculty of the American Institute of CPA’s

    • Information Technology Courses taught include Web Trust and Digital Signatures

  • University of Puerto Rico (Rio Piedras Campus)

    • BBA in Accounting with a focus on Taxation courses

    • Magna Cum Laude

  • Harvard Business School, 2017-2018

    • Executive Leadership Course in Leadership and Negotiating


  • 1997-Present | Chief Executive Officer, SayNet, Inc.

  • Develops solutions to combat the spread of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19, which has led to the reduction of the impact COVID-19 has on businesses.

    • Analyzes& certifies technology that produces hydrogen peroxideto purify and disinfect surfaces & air.

    • Analyzes& certifies emerging technologies in the fields of health & medicine relevant to COVID-19.

  • Disaster Recovery Team for Puerto Rico Aqueducts & Sewers Authority (Dec 2017)

    • Charged the development and implementation of processes for the accounting and recording of FEMA-compliant disaster-related expenses.

    • Screened, selected, and evaluated staff to execute the work program & agreed-upon procedures.

  • Advisor to the Puerto Rico Secretary of Health, 2017-present

    • Prepares presentations and reports for the Secretary of Health, who is charged with implementing a Zero-Based budget in all Public Health Programs. This budget focuses on Women and Prenatal Care, Drug Abuse Prevention, Vector Prevention Programs, and Mental Health.




With over 30 years of proven success as industry leaders, we lead with the example of our quality work and service. Hundreds of business owners put the growth of their businesses in our hands. As part of the MT Consulting family, TRC focuses on tax, accounting, and audit with a multi-disciplinary approach based on data-driven decision-making and a background in accounting, law, and mathematics. For more information, please visit



Their mission is to help healthcare professionals increase their profit, carry out profitable projects, and have a successful practice by providing consultation and advice. We also take care of the necessary processes so healthcare professionals can benefit from all the available incentives and exemption programs.  For more information, please visit



Provide services in COVID-19 Consulting & Prevention, Statistician & Risk Assessment, Accountant, Auditors & Controllers, Digital Signatures & Encryption, TeleMedicine among other services. For more information, please visit

35+ Years of Experience

Certified in Harvard Program

CPA Society Member

Lt. Gen. (ret) Dr. PK Carlton, Jr.

17th Surgeon General of the US Air Force Co-Chair, Independent Shared Air Strategic Research Board Collaborative Partner, Puerto Rico Leads Las Americas

“In Mr. Traverso we have finally found the ethical leader who is able to work across the disciplines of business, academia, government and philanthropy, uniting us to help protect the air we must all breathe. Together we will create a better tomorrow starting today.”

Lissy Oquendo, Eng.

PRLLA Lead Engineer

Courage, Passion & Intensity: Mr. Traverso is always looking towards the future, setting ambitious goals, and often relies on his intuition.  He takes initiative and is quick to capitalize on opportunities. His intensity and passion for growth and development makes him charismatic, persuasive, and an excellent communicator.


Resilience & Drive: Like true leaders, Mr. Traverso knows that taking risks and making large-scale changes can lead to exponential growth or can fail dramatically. A key difference between a good and a great leader is the ability to bounce back and push forward. He has the humility to learn from his mistakes and will work to turn unanticipated situations into positive results.


High Emotional Intelligence: Mr. Traverso strongly believes that a key part of success is attributed to collaboration. In a short amount of time and with precision, he has built strong networks and know the best way to do so is forging mutually beneficial relationships. He can easily read people’s emotions and adapts himself to generate an easy to approach, trustworthy, and uplifting experience for all.


Humility: I am impressed most by Mr. Traverso’s humble and modest approach that he has about his qualifications. Not the academic qualifications, although he has plenty, but those personal qualifications that make him the extraordinary leader he is. Mr. Traverso is not self-involved but is consistently working to develop the next great leader(s) from the people that work closely to him.

Excellent Communication Skills: Mr. Traverso knows that employees who feel valued and integral to the company’s success are incredibly productive. A skill he uses with his business partners/collaborators by actively engaging with them to achieve better results.

Col. (Ret) Dr. Paul Nelson, MD, MPH

President and CEO, Shared Air Solutions Consultants, LLC

Cutting Edge, Visionary: Mr. Traverso’s character comes through in the way he approaches his work with the highest level of ethical consideration. His ability to envision a better future lends to his ability to build that future today.


Mr. Traverso’s consistent work across a wide variety of disciplines and cultures to build a better tomorrow makes a differences in the lives of the people of Las Americas today.

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